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  1. Kleinesmurfy

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    Hi there,

    Let me introduce myself, i'm Kleinesmurfy also known as Guido.
    I'm from The Netherlands, Den Bosch to be exact.
    I live there with my wife Gina who unfortunately does not play Minecraft.

    I'm born in March 1992 in Kaatsheuvel, and moved to Den Bosch in the summer of 2015.
    My job is doing the financial administration of a lot of entrepreneurs in a wide variety of sectors.

    Want to chat with me, you can find me on the teamspeak server.
    My main language is Dutch but ofcourse i can speak English as well.

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  2. MotorHom

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    Hi Guido, nice to know a little about you.
    Hopefully we can make this server one of the best!

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  3. Cathy_NL

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    Dan ben je dus 3 maandjes ouder dan mij! :emoji_imp:

    1992 is the best year ever!