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Discussion in 'Idea's' started by Xezza, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Xezza

    Xezza New Member

    Hello everyone
    Im Bart/Xezza
    My idea for skyblock was to make sellsigns to earn easyer money for starting people.

    I hope the staff got something good of this.

  2. Dark_Obscurity

    Dark_Obscurity Dark_Obscurity Tech

    Sell signs in the shop?

    Players are also able to rent shop area's if you are interested in that you can visit /warp MarketA
  3. Joshua Mulder

    Joshua Mulder New Member

    Yea, but if you want to sell your farm stuff you can easily just click the sign instead of selling it to other people, otherwise other people wont buy it because it is to common or they have enough of it.