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    Hi, nice to meet you. My minecraft name is motorhom.
    I was born in 1954 so at the moment I'm 63 years old (probably the oldest player on the server :))
    My days are filled with relative peace and quiet and playing minecraft.
    My other hobby's are
    • making music. I'm a piano teacher for 35+ years and playing in a bluesrock band
    • riding my BMW motorbike (I was an instructor and have had a driving school for many years)
    • and lots of DIY activities (DIY=DoItYourself like a kind of handyman).
    You will find me mainly on survival and skyblock, playing together with my brother (daddio_online)

    Feel free to address me when I'm online or on Teamspeak in English-Dutch-German or Swedish
    And finally, being a moderator, I will do my best to help where ever I can but bare in mind that I'm not that kind of an expert to solve every problem....;)

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    I guess