Epic hoppers.... how to make a sorting system

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    With epic hoppers it is possible to make a simple but effective sorting system in no-time.
    Survival only!
    What you need is a bunch of hoppers (no need to upgrade them) and a bunch of chests.
    Step 1
    make a hopper tower of say 5 hoppers (or more) all connected to each other and ending in a chest.
    Step 2
    left-click the tophopper en choose the tripwirehook (saying: Click to sync this hopper)
    then leftclick the hopper beneath (saying: Synchronization successful)
    Step 3
    Then left-click this second hopper en continue step 2 until the last (bottom) hopper.
    Step 4
    Now put a chest on the top hopper. This will be your input chest.
    All hoppers are now connected and finally the bottomhopper needs to be synchronized to the chest below in the same matter. This chest will become the chest for non-sorted items. (Put a hopper under this chest to continue to another tower. link the hopper to the top chest on the new tower)
    Step 5
    In front of the hopper tower you need to build a chests tower.
    Shift-click the hopper with a chest and build a tower as high as the hopper tower.

    Now for the interesting part:
    Step 6
    start with the top hopper and left-click it.
    left-click the redstone comparator (saying: Click to filter)
    Step 7
    In the next popup you'll see white and black stained panes.
    Put 1 of the item to be sorted in the topleft black stained pane
    then left-click the tripwire hook (saying: click to sync rejected items) and left-click on the chest in front of it.
    Step 8
    Repeat the step 7 procedure for every hopper down the tower, giving each hopper an item to be sorted out.
    you can use all 6 black stained panes if you want more items in the same chest like oak wood, oak slab, oak stairs etc. or put all wood slabs or wooden stairs in 1 chest.

    When all is done right, put a diversity of items in the top chest (input chest) and wait for the magic to happen.
    All un-sortable items will be in the bottom chest which can be linked to another tower via a hopper underneath.

    Let me know what your experiences are!
    Best of luck!

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